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Why hold his breath?

Learning to hold your breath is essential in swimming. Water is dangerous for humans because we breathe air and, as we all know, water has no air!

Controlling your breathing is essential

The need to breathe happens automatically. When we breathe out, our body then naturally tells us to breathe in. This same situation cannot occur in water – there is no air under water!

Someone who cannot swim sucks in water and is therefore in danger. The risk of drowning is therefore very high.

If you’re struggling underwater and don’t know what to do, you’ll never be able to get back to the surface fast enough to breathe. You will swallow and inhale the water that will enter your lungs.

When someone discovers this element or that person is a non-swimmer, the best course of action is to hold your breath.

Mastering the breath is one of the skills we teach our students at Swim Stars.

adults underwater breathing

Hold your breath, then learn to breathe!

In order not to be in difficulty and have to hold your breath to avoid drowning, the best way is still to learn to swim and therefore, to breathe.

Today is your birthday ! So you’re going to blow out the candles with all your might!”Encourages the coach, addressing his little hardbait of the day. Indeed, to achieve the efforts of swimming and improve endurance, the student must learn to control his breathing.

With each cycle of arms or legs or both, it is advisable to release the air little by little in the water to make bubbles. Naturally before re-inflating the lungs to produce a new sliding effort!

During an initiation into AUTO-RESCUE whose program is validated by Camille Lacourt, blowing bubbles with your mouth is one of the first exercises to be performed. Because it is often the most fun but it is also the basis.

Once you have already learned to hold your breath, learning to release air into the water marks the very beginning of taming the aquatic environment from an early age. First the mouth, then the nose secondly as if we were blowing our nose. In addition, the breathing method is different depending on the strokes and the crawl is undoubtedly the one that demands the most.

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