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The right swimming equipment: Swim Stars helps you choose!

To have good swimming equipment, here is how to get started. Are you an occasional or regular and intensive swimmer? Regardless, always think about the swimsuit, hat and glasses.

Choose your swimming equipment but for …

Which swimsuit ?

– For men : your choice of swim briefs or boxers.

– For women : one-piece swimsuit for better support.

Prefer resistant materials for less rapid wear, and remember to rinse with clear water after each use to prevent chlorine from acting badly on the textile. Regular swimmers should opt for a 100% chlorine resistant swimsuit.

Pool length

What swimming cap?

For occasional swimmers, choose a comfortable silicone or fabric beanie.

For regular and intensive swimmers, put the package on the silicone cap to resist in particular the impact of diving starts.

The swimming cap is also a question of style. Boys love the shark hat and girls love the unicorn hat! As for grannies, they sometimes prefer the elegance of a sumptuous beanie full of frills.

We give you a wide range here for the beanie experts.

shark swimming cap

What swimming goggles?

For occasional swimmers, favor maximum comfort, with a rather simple adjustment system as well as a wide field of vision.

For regular and intensive swimmers, choose glasses with a more flexible nose bridge that will adapt better to your face and a smaller field of vision, they will offer greater stability. The swimming goggles will not move during your turns and also during your dives.

Choose a shade according to the environment in which you are swimming, a light shade in the indoor pool and a dark shade in the outdoor pool.

swimming equipment

Choose waterproof glasses!

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