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Teaching children to swim: 5 non-negotiable reasons

Learning to swim is an activity that brings many benefits to your children. It’s a complete activity that works every muscle in the body, strengthens cardiovascular capacity, and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. As a swimming school, Swim Stars is well placed to highlight 5 unbeatable reasons to learn to swim to convince you and your child!

Children always have an excuse not to learn to swim

“I don’t like the pool”, “I don’t want to wear the cap”, “I prefer football”, “My stomach hurts”, “I want to pee.”
How many excuses do children still have in store to discourage parents from teaching them to swim? Do not let yourself be coaxed anymore! It’s like a new dish… first, we taste. That’s good, at Swim Stars, we do small onion lessons. We put all the chances on your side so that your child comes in and out with a smile!

1. Reason number 1: to learn to swim for the safety of my child

According to the World Health Organization in 2018, the annual number of drowning deaths is estimated at 360,000 worldwide.
In France, drowning is the leading cause of death by accident in everyday life among people under 25. 43% of this concerns children under 6 and the majority takes place in a private swimming pool.

Drowning: alarming figures that must be known and combated

During swimming lessons, coaches work on many safety techniques. You might not realize it, but every step ofa SELF-RESCUE course® will be to prepare your child for possible danger. From an early age, your child is able tolearn survival reflexes in the event of a fall in water (see the article in Le Parisien), including knowing how to save yourself by turning on your back on your own to float and get into a safe position.

2. Swimming is very good for the lungs and heart.

Swimming trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently and can also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. Swimming improves core strength and muscle development

As your children grow older, their bodies are developing rapidly. Their muscles go through a lot of changes, and being in the water strengthens them, but also allows them to recover.. Your children therefore develop real abilities allowing them to engage in a wide range of physical activities.

4. Another good reason: it’s an inclusive sport

Considering learning to swim as a fundamental knowledge, the practice of this sport is a great equality vector. With our swimming lessons in small groups, the students, despite all their differences, manage to come together around a common goal. It is also the opportunity to make lots of friends, because you learn better with a friend!

5. It is a physical activity that can generate other sporting vocations!

Learning to swim, it is first and foremost the basis for being comfortable in the water in all circumstances. And if going several kilometers in the 4 swims with intensity is not your child’s cup of tea, but he likes water, you can be sure that he will be curious to discover the benefits of synchronized swimming, water polo, windsurfing, water aerobics, or even high-flying diving!

Teaching Children To Swim: 5 Non-negotiable Reasons
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