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Swim Stars with Central Form at the Rond Point de Paris

Swim Stars Nantes, let’s go! “Playing sport, without competing, having the ambition to be better without necessarily that of winning“, This is the spirit of Central Form.

Swimming lessons with Swim Stars

The fitness room Central Form in Nantes is one of the 37 Central Form clubs in France.

At the edge of the Atlantic, children have access to a superb pool with well-heated water. Take a break in this bubble of well-being at the CentralForm Rond Point de Paris by Ritm club and its 15-meter swimming pool to produce efforts like never before!

With a pool that can hold up to 20 bikes, Swim Stars respects the philosophy of the fitness room by providing kids swimming lessons SELF-RESCUE and learning.

The Central Form swimming pool offers its members several activities: bodyslim, aquatraining, aquacycling, aquafitness, workout, aquaboxing, aquagym.

To book your lessons at Swim Stars Nantes and see the swimming pool, it’s here.

The AUTO-RESCUE® swimming lesson is the first step in learning to swim. This anti-drowning program was created to teach your child the reflexes of survival in the event of a fall in water but also the basics of swimming. Find out more

The Learning swimming course is a continuation of AUTO-RESCUE®. After learning to run away, your child will learn to swim and acquire the fundamentals: breathing, balance and movement. Find out more

Swim Stars With Central Form At The Rond Point De Paris
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