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Prevention of drowning. Le Parisien talks about AUTO-RESCUE!

The June 12 edition of Le Parisien Paris IDF relays our concerns following the closure of the swimming pools. Therefore, this is a wasted drowning prevention year.

The prolonged confinement of the basins of the capital risks having dramatic consequences. Indeed, “It is between March and June that parents strongly demand “SELF-RESCUE” classes. Especially for children from 3 years old“.

“We are worried, because it is a wasted drowning prevention year” reacts Olivier Chazot, founder of the Swim Stars swimming school.

Swim Stars offers AUTO-RESCUE courses, an anti-drowning prevention program that is suitable for children from 3 years old (video). But unfortunately the latter “had to stop at the dawn of their peak activity. ” So rightly so, “Swim Stars drowning prevention actors worry about summer ”Writes Le Parisien.

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« We can’t do any prevention, insists Olivier Chazot. “Or it is 75% of our activity during the 3 or 4 months before the summer, which is the period when the most accidents occur in private swimming pools. In fact, it only takes a few seconds, put away your groceries while a little paddles in the family pool, make a phone call when you think it is safe … However, drowning is the 2nd cause of death among children under the age of 18. 4 years old, he insists. And this happens 80% in private poolss ».

Be extra careful when there is water nearby! Because private pools are the number 1 danger for young people.

Cours AUTO-RESCUE Swim Stars

AUTO-RESCUE swimming lessons for children from 3 years old by Swim Stars

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Prevention Of Drowning.  Le Parisien Talks About AUTO-RESCUE!
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