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Our top 5 bath toys for children

Here is our selection of bath toys for children to make the moment more fun and attractive. And if it can help make your children want to wash even more …

Bath toys on board!

1. The queen of children’s bath toys: Sophie La Girafe

This time, Sophie La Girafe is an expert in piping! Fixed to the wall with its suction cup system, your child from 10 months old will enjoy filling my tanks and seeing water flowing from various pipes, taps and mills.

2. The bubble octopus

And here is “Aquabulles” the talking and musical octopus that throws soap bubbles in the bath! For your child aged 12 months and + to have fun and discover sea animals, shapes and colors thanks to the 5 buttons on their tentacles.

3. The double mega water gun

Let’s be crazy ! Because it’s easier for parents to remember than the “Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide” of its real name, the double mega water pistol is sure to please your older children and…. put all over the bathroom!

4. The pirate ship “Pirat’eau”

Hold the bar! From the top of his lookout, the pirate watches all the other toys to navigate safely. Here, the octopus no longer makes bubbles, it spits water from its sprinkling nose with its friend the cannon that throws water balls!

5. Bataplouf! The aquatic battle game

Avoid the frustration when it’s time to switch from bedroom toys to bath toys with this deck of cards designed specifically for water. And let’s go for a splashing battle game by letting his cards float. Ideal for baths with 2 participants, between 4 and 8 years old.

Never forget to clean children’s bath toys!

After playing, it’s important to dry all these beautiful people if not the toys, favorite characters and animals will get dirty when they come into contact with soapy water. A good wash with this natural trick will easily disinfect and maintain all bath toys.

Jouet Pour Enfant Bataplouf Swim Stars
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