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Our top 5 aquatic gifts to offer!

We Swim You a Merry Christmas! Pfor all water lovers, we have concocted a top 5 great aquatic gift ideas for the whole family.

Ecological aquatic gifts

1. The natural awakening

How about starting your day or waking up gently from a nap to the sound of waves and waterfalls? No risk of being late for school, meeting or swimming lessons ! Our favorite aquatic gift, to offer and to offer.

2. The night watch turtle

Between the plush and the night light, this beautiful underwater animal will help the little ones still registered for baby swimming lessons to have a good sleep. Because what better than a magic turtle to help you have sweet dreams?

3. The “Funny Oceans” card game

Start educating your child about protecting the oceans and biodiversity from an early age! This card game, accessible from 5 years old, greatly contributes to it. Pair to win the game, without having the plastic cup that pollutes the oceans in hand.

Funny aquatic gifts

4. “Naviplouf”, the naval battle game in portable version

The naval battle, suitable for the youngest and to take everywhere on vacation. Develop your strategy to piss off your opponent. Send your underwater missiles to hit the mark. Touched flowed !

5. Gifts for the outdoors: a mega-hoop with giant soap bubbles

The bubbles, we do not only make them in the water during the lessons ofAUTO-RESCUE®, you can also make it in the garden or in the park. With this large circle, you are ready to explode your bubble size record! The object of the game is simple: detonate them all before they hit the ground or fly off into the skies.

And to finish this selection of aquatic gifts, our favorite …

The retro board game “Splash Attack”!

This colorful and fun observation and speed game was created in 2005 and was awarded the Golden Ace in children’s games as well as a Dr TOY Award! Accessible from 3 years old, roll the dice and be the first to catch one of the 9 fish according to its shape and color… and to eat it while shouting “Croc”. Watch out for piranha!

cadeau splash attack fnac Swim Stars

Splash Attack

Cadeau Splash Attack Fnac Swim Stars
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