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How is my child developing socially?

The social development of a child is built through contact with the people he meets and the experiences he experiences. From family to school through his hobbies. How does a child develop socially over the ages? How to promote social skills?

The evolution of my child’s social development

Social development refers to the ability to build relations positives, healthy and harmonious with the others.

And that involves being able to communicate your emotions and therefore to manage them well. It is also important to learn how to consider the point of view of others before acting and knowing resolve conflicts, cooperate and participate in group life.

As a marker of its social development, we will observe their ability to make friends, get along with others, work in a team and be a good leader – and help him develop them.

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How is my child developing socially …

At extracurricular age

Before entering school, children are normally able to:

  • Respect the instructions imposed
  • Play in interaction with the others
  • Accept the compromise
  • Use various forms of politeness
  • Show pride facing their achievements

Social behaviors can be worked on from an early age in order to provide children with the tools that will help them progress towards the school world in a favorable manner.

After 5 years

The child becomes more and more aware of his strengths and his differences. Indeed, each child develops at his own pace. After 5 years, he begins to understand the social and family rules that he must respect.

Here are the behaviors that emerge:

  • Seek adult approval and seek to please
  • Show rivalry and go to conflict
  • Work on a project of group
  • To show oneself competitive and compare its capabilities
  • To be able to s’excuser and find gestures of reparation (tenderness, gift …)

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