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Does my baby like to swim?

My baby loves to swim! Indeed, our babies have a real affinity with water since they spent 9 months of good time floating in mom’s amniotic fluid. Technically, baby is already mastering the turnaround … Water is a familiar space for babies! But this natural confidence in water is likely to diminish over time, and can even become a source of real fear.

That is why baby must be accustomed from an early age, through the game to have fun in the water with mom and dad, and be comfortable.
In case of refusal to comply, it is advisable not to insist on swimming.
But know that a baby in the water is a happy baby!

baby swimming pool immersion

Baby likes to swim with mom and dad during our baby swimming lessons

But what is the goal of a baby swimming course?

The course allows babies and parents to experience water together. Indeed, the baby wakes up and has fun while gaining confidence and discovering the aquatic environment.

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s aquatic education and thus participate in his fun teaching of balance, flotation, breathing and propulsion.

Hot water, games… Everything is therefore planned for the development, well-being and fun of your baby!

The course is intended for babies between 6 months and 36 months who have been vaccinated.

Find already in video all the swimming objectives of a baby-swimmer course.

To prepare for your course, remember to bring back a baby pool diaper, a swimsuit and a hat for mom or dad, towels and of course flip flops.

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