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AUTO-RESCUE® objective in Bordeaux

AUTO-RESCUE® objective: Olivier Chazot, founder of Swim Stars, the first national swimming learning network, was Isabelle Wagner’s guest in the morning of France Bleu Gironde.

Swim Stars in the morning France Bleu Gironde: AUTO-RESCUE® objective

For 20 minutes, the journalist interviews Olivier Chazot. The radio then broadcasts reports on the benefits and challenges of the program. AUTO-RESCUE®. Because September 12, 2018, Swim Stars was already opening a swimming pool in Bordeaux, at Sport One, the fitness room located in Bouscat.

See the Bouscat swimming pool!

AUTO-RESCUE® is the first step in learning to swim. Indeed, this anti-drowning program was created to teach your child the reflexes of survival in the event of a fall in water. But also the basics of swimming. Find out more

“Too many drownings every year at the water’s edge. In a natural environment or at the edge of a swimming pool. To give children the right reflexes in the event of a fall in water, Olivier Chazot and Fabien Gilot have developed the AUTO-RESCUE® program ”.

“The principle of this method AUTO-RESCUE® Is simple. Teach children to stand on their backs to reach the edge. A real anti-drowning plan. Learning to save yourself is the mother of securities. ”

Listen to the report in podcast.

reportage swim stars

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Reportage Swim Stars
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