benefits from the indoor pool by trying stand up paddle board yoga

stand up paddle board yoga

Get more benefits from the indoor pool!

Most people are seeking fun and efficient ways to keep their bodies healthy. Thousands of people take to the water to find a mental and physical challenge. Alternatively, thousands more people maintain a yoga practice for the physical, spiritual, and mental benefits it provides. But what if the two could be combined?

pool yoga practice with stand-up paddle boardStand up paddle board yoga does just that by integrating the best of each of these practices. The result a fun and energizing way to work out and stay healthy. Keep reading to learn more. Water-based exercises and stand up paddle boarding Water exercises are among some of the best aerobic activities available. Water based exercises help with chronic illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and joint pain, to name a few.

Stand up paddle boarding (or SUP), is exactly what it sounds like: paddling through water while standing up on a board. SUP practitioners get a good physical workout in the course of paddling. Standing up while paddling on an unstable surface provides a good core workout. Additionally, they get the mental benefit of being outside in the sun and fresh air.


Yoga is already known for accessibility and effectiveness for people of all body types and conditions. Its gentle yet sustained stretches and breath work help improve brain function, flexibility, lung capacity and sense of balance. It also decreases risk of heart disease, blood pressure, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Stand up paddle board yoga

Stand up paddle board yoga is a practice that blends the best of both of these practices. Doing yoga on a paddle board is just simply a better workout, both for one’s physical and mental health. Many yoga poses already require an attention to balance. On a paddle board, one’s base becomes much more unstable, making the core muscles work harder to maintain a balance.

Additionally, one gets the added mental and emotional benefit of being out in nature. Being outside has been proven to reduce stress, improve thinking, combat depression and anxiety, and improve sleep, among other things. Finally, SUP yoga is simply fun. Many people find themselves getting bored with a stale exercise regimen, which makes it harder for them to stay with it. They simply get bored and give up. In SUP yoga, since every session is different, interesting, and challenging, keeping one’s interest for much longer.

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How to start?

It may feel daunting to begin, but it is really quite simple. One doesn’t even need to have their own paddle board. One simply need to find a class offered in their area and arrive with an open mind. Though every place is different, use of a paddle board is often included in the price.